Psychotherapy and Counselling in Aberdeen

Explore your situation and focus on specific issues through short and long-term psychodynamic therapy

What Can You Expect From Therapy?

Consultation Session:

In the first session the aim is to explore your situation. and what you hope to gain from therapy. There will be an exploration of what has brought you to therapy and the past and present circumstance of your life. If you then wish to proceed we will discuss and agree the arrangements for regular ongoing sessions.

I offer short-term counselling (usually around 15-30 sessions) focusing on specific issues, and longer term psychotherapy (over a year and sometimes several years) for more in-depth exploration.

Sessions are generally weekly and last fifty minutes.

Ongoing Therapy:

The process of psychodynamic therapy allows us to explore alternative perspectives on difficulties and dilemmas. Ongoing therapy provides the opportunity for us to make sense of your feelings, thoughts and behaviour to help you develop resources to live life more fully.

We will explore:

  • what is happening in your life at the moment
  • what has happened to you in the past
  • how the past might be impacting on the present
  • and what you are thinking and feeling in the session.


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