Psychotherapy and Counselling in Aberdeen

Understand, explore and manage the stress, depression, anger and anxiety in your life

What is psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling?

A psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy and counselling is based on the view that:

  • Feelings, thoughts and patterns of behaviour can be affected by unconscious motivations and reactions which can emerge and be explored in counselling and psychotherapy
  • Patterns of relationships in the past can be repeated and re-enacted in the present.
  • Reactions to the therapist and to the therapy can indicate past ways of relating and provide an opportunity for exploration.
  • The process of counselling and psychotherapy helps you to move on from the past, develop your capacity to change and to make new choices in your life.

Who benefits from psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling allows people to understand, explore and manage distress in their lives. It provides the opportunity to make sense of and work through internal processes which are influencing feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

I work with people who are often struggling with personal, social, relationship and/or work issues which have resulted in stress, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and anger. In addition to struggling with personal life and work some people use  psychotherapy and counselling because they are also experiencing physical symptoms such as headaches or problems with eating or sleeping.

Feelings that life is empty and meaningless, an endless struggle or out of control are common reasons for seeking psychotherapy.

Psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy can significantly contribute to a greater sense of well-being, mental health and ability to manage life more effectively.

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